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1.1 General Remarks
People surely have dream and people have desire to materizlize the dream. Dream is a series of desire or event which happens in conscious mird and then it becomes an ideal and it must be synchronized by commitment and resolve (Prijaksono, 45 : 2002). It means that it a uream is only thought and it is not based on commitment, the dream is impossible to become true.
Longman Dictionary of contemporary English states that dream is something imagined, not real but believed in or greatly and hopefully desired.
Dream deals with ideal, hope, and desire. Dream is something abstract but it will be true and can be materialized in the future if it is done and struggled well and heartily.
Clear, measured, and logic dream can make someone’s life better and directed. Someone who had a dream will attempt hard and work with the legal way and continueimproving their quality of life better.
The logic dream must be followed by the change of attitude, habit, and thought so the dream can be materialized. People who have a dream must continue communicating with their God so that the process of sub­conscious mind can be done well and finally people who have dream have more power which comes from God's power.

1.2 Reasons for Choosing the Topic
There are some reasons why this topic is chosen:
1. This topic is interested to be discussed.
2. This topic can motivate and direct someone's life
3. to be better in reaching their dream.
4. There are so many people who are not dare to have a dream.
5. Dream can make someone has more spirit and dream makes someone continue improving their human resource with learning.
6. This topic deals with someone's future or ideal.

1.3 Purposes of the Study
1. To motivate the readers so that they have at least one dream.
2. To make the readers realize that dream can direct and make their life more valuable and useful.
3. To inform the readers that dream can change someone's life better and it is supported by Sochiro Honda, the founder of Honda Company, who has motto "The Power of Dream".
4. To make the readers be dare to have dream.

1.4 Scope of the Study
This topic focuses on dream. In this thesis, dream deals with someone's future. So, she only limits three elements that will be discussed, they are the influence of dream to someone's life, factors needed to build dream, and factors needed to materialize dream.
In this thesis, dream will be the main topic discussed and this topic will be analyzed from various points of view such as psychology and motivational point of view.

1.5 Methodology
This thesis is the result of a research where main data is taken from the poem "Dream" and it is added with literature books and psychology books to supports this analysis. This analysis also uses descriptive method. It means that "dream" as a main topic is described and it is completed with its elements. The description needs to be supported by the relevant data so they can support each other.
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